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Safety Tips

It is reasonable to say that the world wide web is littered with websites offering matrimony services. Some entities owning couple of hundred websites in this space. So what type of precautions one should take while on an online matrimony site (Free or Paid)? Let us see below:

  1. This site or any person(s) associated with this site does not conduct any type of criminal background checks on members. It can be said that there is no Matrimony or dating site (PAID or FREE) on the internet that carries out  criminal background checks on its members.
  2. Almost all Matrimony sites (again PAID or FREE) depend heavily on automated matching that takes profile contents in to consideration and nothing else. So, ultimately it is the responsibility of the user to exercise caution.
  3. Surprisingly, some online users give out their passwords. This can be disastrous. NEVER, EVER GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR PASSWORDS TO ANYONE. PERIOD!!!
  4. It is possible that memebers are providing incorrect details in their profile. It is possible that they are NOT representing themselves genuinely and accurately. They are NOT necessarily who they claim to be in their profiles and communications.
  5. Observe caution when communicating with a member of a matrimony site who wants to meet you.
  6. Never include personal information in messages to other members. This includes your last name, home address, personal e-mail address, phone number, employment information, or any other identifying information.
  7. Do not give out your full communication tools such as your email accounts, social media accounts. This allows someone to clearly and fully know about you. Make sure that the communication builds over a period of time.
  8. Cease communication with any member that tries to attain personal or financial information from you.
  9. If you meet someone face-to-face, always tell a friend or family member the details of your plans. Never get picked up at your home or workplace. Always arrange your own transportation to and from the meeting place, which should be a public place with other people around.
  10. In fact, it is even recommended not to meet anyone in-person on your own. If someone is genuinely interested in marrying you, they should NOT have a problem meeting your brothers, father or any one else.
  11. While it is a personal decision, it is a good idea to avoid individuals who seem to be directing the communication towards sharing intimate photos.
  12. If someone sounds too good to be true, Avoid.
  13. Immediately block anyone that you find suspicious.

Online Safety Tips